Gray Wolfe, Museum of Natural History Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

“Gray Wolfe, Museum of Natural History, Iowa City, Iowa 2017” is included in South x Southeast Gallery’s Still Lifes exhibit which will run from January 5–February 20, 2018. An artist’s reception will be held on January 20 from 5–7:00 at 6 Springs Road, Molena, Georgia, 30258.

Still Lifes

Juror: Aline Smithsoncomments

 “Still Lifes have always held my interest – in paintings, photography, and in tableaux created for personal spaces. The grouping of objects is a way to explore harmony and relationships, and it also allows an artist to construct the subject matter. It was a privilege to spend time with so many approaches to to this genre – traditional assemblages inspired by Dutch Masters, humorous juxtapositions, conceptual approaches to looking at objects, and found still lifes existing in the world.

As a juror, I look for quality in image making—is the work in focus, well considered, cleaned of spots, and shot with intention? I also look for a range of responses to the theme. I am not only selecting a series of photographs, but am considering the show as a whole, hoping to create a varied and interesting exhibition that is worthy of gallery walls. There were so many images that I wish I could have included in my selections and indeed, the hardest part of being a juror is not being able to include everything that is appropriate and of interest. I thank everyone for sharing their work and extend my congratulations to the artists included in this exhibition. Thank you also to Nancy McCrary for the wonderful opportunity to spend time with your work.

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